Posted by: wwoodruff | September 9, 2010

To Burn or not to Burn


As of this writing the Pastor Terry Jones has suspended the burning of the Qur’an based on an agreement that the imam will move the location of the new mosque

OK so lets start here.

There is one man a Imam that wants to build a Mosque near ground zero. Americas voice there opposition to what he wants to do and we are told that we need to be more open minded and tolerant and to do otherwise is UN-American. So we are UN-American because we are offended by what this Imam is doing. The Imam has every right to build there as there is no law that can stop him. They bought the property and they have the right to build on it. But just because you can does not mean you should.

There is one man a preacher who wants to burn some Qur’an in protest to what he says is a book of evil. We are told that this act of intolerance is UN-American and will cause harm to Americans both home and abroad. Now this preacher has every right to burn the Qur’an under Freedom of Speech and there is no law that can stop him. But just because you can does not mean you should.

Both men have an agenda, both men have a right to do what they are doing. What’s telling about this is how each side handles the thing that is offending them.

So offending Americans with a Mosque near ground zero is ok but offending Muslims by burning a Qur’an is not.


Easy Americans are a tolerant Nation and allows for all points of view and it provided by law. But can the same be said about Muslims? How tolerant are they?

Remember its one man not the United States that is burning the Qur’an and if the mere threat of burning the Qur’an can provoke another country to burn American flags and calls for death to christens and infidels. Seems like a very intolerant nation, country or people to me.

Americans see the preacher for what he is an idiot trying to prove a point and get famous I am sure. If not for the media attention nobody would have known about the burning let alone third world country’s. He could have had his little burning and the world would move on as if nothing had happened. But nope the media made sure everybody knew about this even the President of the United States. So who really is to blame here, but i will save that’s for another post.

How is this being handled by both sides?

Well Americans may not like the Mosque being built and there would be protest and threats by a few radicals but they would for the most part use the Law to stop it from being built if possible.

Muslims well they protest and make threats but they also call as a country not a radical group of people for the death of Americans over burning a book which they have done in their country many, many time over in which we are asked to be understanding about.

So in my opinion this does not fall on the shoulders of the Imam in New York and it does not fall on the shoulders of the preacher in Gainesville they are both doing what they are allowed to do by law in this country. It falls on the shoulders of the Muslim people to be understanding and tolerant of all points of view because to follow the course of action laid out by the Muslims leaders is to prove the preacher point. You legitimize what he is saying about the teaching of the Qur’an. You need to rise above it and let it go just as we Americans are asked to do every time we have been offended by what Muslims radicals have done to us.

I hope that the Preacher does not go through with his protest as i don’t want to see any Americans hurt. But i fear that no matter what he does or says the Muslim radicals run the show. they run their people and are coming close to running the United States with the fear and the threat of death.


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