Posted by: wwoodruff | September 10, 2010

Jaguars vs Tim Tebow – I mean Denver Broncos

Well its finally here the first regular season game and I am glad it’s here. I am ready to watch the Jags take down one team at a time and head to the playoffs.

Its great that we are doing well in the ticket department and the talk of moving the Jags are stored back in the corner where they belong.

I like what was done in the off season to try and get this team ready for the playoffs.

I am not however looking forward to a bunch of Florida Gator fans ranting and raving about a player who should not even play in the game. but some how maybe the Denver Broncos may have to run his rookie behind out there so the Gator fans can cheer on there pet boy.

You know if the Gator fans show us anything its not always about the team it about one man and how good he is. I understand that Tim has talent and played very well in collage ball but let not tout him as anything more the a talented rookie playing on a pro football team.

I hope on Sunday i can go and enjoy the game and watch the Jaguar Team play the Denver Broncos Team and see who the best TEAM is not watch some  Tim Tebow rookie side show act. my tickets cost to much money for the kind of crap.

Go Jags


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