Posted by: wwoodruff | February 2, 2012

Imagining The Unimaginable – Red Dawn

ITU-01 Red Dawn

For as long as I could remember when I think of the United States being attacked one of the attackers in my mind has been china. Meaning their government not the people in general and  I make this distinction because sometime what the government does and what the country’s people want are two different things. Remember I am Imagining the unimaginable and I had a Red Dawn type of dream.

Imagine if you will your sitting relaxed in your chair watching late night TV. You hear a noise out side and the dog ears perk up. you hit mute on the TV to get a better listen and the ruckus out side is getting closer and closer to your house. You get to your feet head to the door and right as you reach for the door knob the door bust open and a man in military uniform crashes through the door. You don’t understand what they are saying as the language is not English. More men come through the door guns in hand they are screaming at you, demanding you comply and still you have no idea what they are saying. one man looks at the barking dog and pulls the trigger and with one yelp the dog falls silent. you start to fight and you see the man point the gun at you and everything goes black, You are dead.

So what happened? Well the story goes that the Chinese government trained the vast supply of men to use personal long distance jet packs with stealth technology so they would not be detected and they fly into smaller cities and into the housing communities. They Land and storm the homes in the middle of the night and kill the occupants no matter the age or gender. They do this in groups and move through the streets in swift and deliberate action. Time is limited and the more damage that can be done the better.

The sun rises and the damage is done. Here’s why this in my mind is effective if possible in the future. Our military is made to look outward for attacks and then head out and do their thing. what they are not equipped to do if fight the enemy in our backyards. Imagine the military in a matter of moments would have to understand whats happening in all the small towns and mobilize in a fashion to attack the enemy in a residential area with Americans running scared and the enemy fighting killing citizens as they run for help.

This is so unimaginable that its hard to believe it could happen. but I believe in time the technology is there and the ability to do it is there the question remains would an enemy do it and would we be prepared for it. That I can’t answer but remember this is just me Imagining the unimaginable.

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