walterphotographerMy Voice – My Thoughts – My Way

I am a husband to my wife, A Stepfather to her children, A Papa to our grandson, A Son to my mother, A Friend, Employee, and a Stranger in this great big world of ours.


The title pretty much says it all. This is where I can post my thought and opinions in my own voice.  I am not sure what all I will say but I am sure it will be Rants…. there are times I watch the news and just vent or rant to the wife or any ear close by at the time. Well now you who click on this site will also endure the Venting and Ranting of whatever topic that happens to get in my crawl. I will be posting an old rant I posted on my space and I will be adding some new ones all the time. They will cover all kinds of topics as I am an equal opportunity ranter….

So here will be my home of frustrated rants, happy stories and many other happenings I choose to put to words. Read at your own risk and if you offend easy well I don’t care this is my free speech spot on the web if one does not like it click on to another site. That being said you have a great day and stay safe.



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